How to build up your jaw and make it more masculine?

How to build up your jaw and make it more masculine?

Building up your jawline is a recurring issue for most men. Whether you have a naturally bold jaw or a less prominent one, there's no reason why you can't make yours as masculine as possible. Studies show that men who have certain physical traits, such as a lean facial structure, are healthier, earn a higher income and are considered more attractive to the opposite sex.

While there is some genetics involved in defining your face, there are exercises and tricks that every man can use to build up his jawline and make it more square. So, what are the benefits and advantages behind building up your jawline? What are the best exercises to perform, and are there additional solutions to refine and define your jaw?


The benefits of strengthening your jaw

Does toning the jaw really tone and rejuvenate the face? The muscles of the front neck are often underdeveloped, inhibited, and almost never exercised in a gym or in weight training.

They can therefore be a major cause of a drooping, unattractive and often aging neck. With the proper exercises, you can not only sharpen your jaw, but also prevent neck pain, headaches and jaw pain.

However, if you feel pain during the exercises, you should stop immediately. This is because the neck and jaw are still sensitive areas and it would be very unpleasant to hurt yourself.


The most effective tool for a shaped and muscular jaw

The JAWCHISEL® 2.0 is the most effective exercise to redefine and chisel your jaw. It was invented with this objective in mind for people who wish to obtain a square jaw quickly. This tool is made of edible silicone and looks like a chewing gum but much more resistant.

Place your JAWCHISEL® 2.0 between your teeth at the level of your molars and chew them like gum for 5 minutes.

Repeat the exercise once or twice a day, every day. Within the first few weeks, you will see noticeable results.

Strengthen your jaw with facial exercises

Say the letters O-A

Open your mouth and stick your lips together, without your teeth touching. Then say "OO, AA" with exaggerated movements. You can also make movements "OO, EE" or "OO, XX".

This exercise is perfect for building up your jaw, as it targets the muscles around your mouth, on the sides of your lips and between your nose and upper lip. Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Read more:

Pressing your tongue against your palate

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your teeth. Then add tension by pressing your tongue firmly against your palate and start making "mh mh mh mh" noises.

It is very important to make this buzzing or vibrating sound during this exercise to build up your jaw, as it helps the muscles work.

Here, we particularly fight against the sagging of the chin. Do 3 sets of 10, rest, then do 3 sets of 10 repetitions again.

Squint your eyes

Open your mouth and pull your lips down to contract your face, then stretch your lips to the right, and close one eye for a second (like a powerful wink), for 10 reps.

Repeat with the opposite eye. The muscles being worked are the ones around your eyes. Muscling your jaw also means tightening the skin of your face in general, to slim down globally.

Clench your teeth

In this exercise to strengthen your jawline, you will need an accessory. Clench and hold your teeth together for 3 seconds while using a special mouthguard made by your dentist (not a sports mouthguard).

The soft plastic material of this guard will prevent tooth shift problems and protect your joints. The advantage is that the entire jaw area is worked on here. To learn more: Joints in weight training: prevention, risks and remedies

Doing double chin rotations

Tackling the double chin is a great way to build up your jawline and shape the lines of your face. Place the palm of your hand under your chin and, with your mouth closed, stretch your lower jaw as far as possible.

Next, apply pressure with your palm by sliding your hand along the double chin area. It extends from the jaw and side of the face ending at your temples. You are then working the underside of the chin in depth, with 5 repetitions on each side.

Contract the cheekbones

This jaw exercise targets this area in particular. Place the length of your index finger under your eye, along the upper cheekbones. Next, open your mouth wide enough, but in a way that is still comfortable.

Then curl your lips over your lower teeth and smile with the corners of your mouth to create a contraction. Release, and repeat for 30 minutes, while watching an episode of a show for example.


Tips for maximizing your jaw muscles

Stay well hydrated

We can't say it enough: drink water! The pure H2O intake provided by a good glass of water is a necessary (and shockingly underrated) way to improve your overall health. Water helps you lose weight and boost your energy throughout the day.

Plus, that excess moisture will improve blood flow all over your face. Most of its benefits don't affect your jaw directly, but it's one of the best ways to maximize your jaw-building exercises.

The physical changes will be more than positive. Water helps you feel full, without the excess calories associated with soda or juice. Water has also been shown to speed up your metabolism, and therefore your body's absorption of calories.

Add less salt to your food

Salt is one of the most common ingredients in our modern diet, often in overabundance. For the skin, it is a curse, because it is often responsible for water retention, those unattractive swellings that can often be observed around the joints.

Finding ways to limit salt in your diet, including focusing on a whole foods diet and cutting out fast food, will have many positive benefits for your skin. It will carry less water, making it less puffy. As a result, it will be easier to make your jawline appear and build muscle.

Many alternative diets are built around the idea of limiting salt intake. So you can do some research and find a diet that works for you and your lifestyle.

Eliminate refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates, also known as processed carbohydrates, are found in many foods such as cookies, white pasta, white bread and cereals. These types of foods have very little nutritional value.

The body will then have a greater tendency to store extra fat, including in the face. This would be counterproductive as you look for how to build up your jawline! Instead of processed carbohydrates and refined sugars, eat plenty of whole grains, which are richer in fiber.

Also fill up on fruits, vegetables, and protein. These foods are essential to a healthy diet and can help you with weight loss.

Get enough sleep at night

You've probably been told that you need at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Most people usually try to get by on 5 or 6 hours.

However, in order not to ruin your efforts to build up your jawline, you must respect this minimum sleep time. If your body does not recover properly, it will tend to store fat more easily and assimilate calories less well.

This will make it more difficult to get a well-defined jawline, because there will be a layer of fat on top.

Quit smoking and tobacco

Like salt or lack of sleep, smoking can be disastrous for the appearance of your skin. Regular smokers who want to tone up their jawline should start by quitting smoking.

As difficult as it may be at first, you'll have much clearer skin in less than a month, and you'll feel so much better about your body!

You kill two birds with one stone by getting a more defined jawline, while improving your health. With these results, you'll stay enthusiastic and motivated.

Chewing gum

If you quit smoking as explained in the previous point, chewing gum will help you control the nicotine withdrawal. Gum is one of the simplest and most well-known ways to strengthen your jaw.

It has many surprising benefits, including sharpening your facial muscles. Of course, eat chewing gum with no added sugar, which is much healthier. You should see results after a few weeks.

Best of all, it's a pretty fun thing to do, so getting into the habit won't take much effort.


Bottom line: build up your jawline and get a more masculine face

Building up your jawline is accessible to all men who simply want to do it. It will make you look younger, more virile, and you will look slimmer. To do this, perform the jaw exercises with its JAWCHISEL® 2.0 once a day will allow you to obtain a masculine and shaped jaw in a few weeks

In addition to these exercises, we advise you to follow our advice on nutrition and lifestyle, to maximize your results. Building up your jawbone is not something that can be achieved by snapping your fingers!

Are you satisfied with the shape of your face and have you ever tried exercises to strengthen your jaw?