Strengthen your jaw: here are 6 simple exercises

Strengthen your jaw: here are 6 simple exercises

We have prepared for you 5 simple but effective exercises to strengthen your jaw to give a more defined look.

Muscle your jaw: We usually pay enough attention to our body when it comes to exercise, but we forget that the muscles of our face can also need to work. And it's not just about getting a defined jaw, one expert suggests that performing these exercises can help prevent neck pain, headaches and jaw pain.


1. The jaw restorer

    How to do it: place your thumbs under your chin, side by side. Then push your chin down slightly, creating resistance, and slowly slide your thumbs along your jaw to your ears.


    Duration: Repeat 10 times.

    Effect: This exercise helps make your jaw stronger and more defined.


    2. The sagging chin exercise

      How to do it: Sit at a table and put your fists under your chin. Keep your elbows on the table. Slowly and gently, try to open your mouth, while pushing your fists up, creating resistance. Hold for a while and release.


      Duration: Repeat 10 times and do 3 sets (if you are ready).

      Effect: This exercise works the area under your chin, making it more toned and sculpted.


      3. The JAWCHISEL exercise

      The JAWCHISEL® 2.0 is the most effective exercise to redefine and chisel your jaw. It was invented with this objective in mind for people who wish to obtain a square jaw quickly. This tool is made of edible silicone and looks like a chewing gum but much more resistant.

      Place your JAWCHISEL® 2.0 between your teeth at the level of your molars and chew them like gum for 5 minutes. Within the first few weeks, you will see noticeable results


      Duration: Chew 5min, 2 times a day.

      Effect: This exercise muscles your jaw to make it more defined and chiseled.

      4. Chin-up exercise

      How to do it: Close your mouth and slowly push your jaw forward, lifting your lower lip. Feel how the muscles stretch. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise.


      Duration: Repeat 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

      Effect: This exercise helps to lift your facial muscles in the lower part of your face.


      4. The Vowel Sounds exercise to build up your jaw

        How to do it: Your goal is to open your mouth as much as possible, saying the sounds "O" and "E". Be sure to articulate the sounds and engage your muscles. Try not to touch or show your teeth.


        Duration: Repeat 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

        Effect: This exercise tones the muscles around the mouth and lips.


        5. The collar bone saving exercise

          How to do it: Keep your head parallel to the floor, move it gently backwards to feel your muscles contract, then return to the initial position.


          Duration: Repeat 3 sets of 10 reps. When you are ready, you can try to stay in this position longer.

          Effect: This exercise perfectly engages the muscles under your chin, effective for weight loss.


          Do you exercise your facial muscles? What other exercises do you do? Have you also tried chewing gum? Do you like the results you get?